Bill Meiners Freelance Editor
Welcome to my web world. I’m happy to announce that in August 2021, Though the Odds Be Great or Small, was published by Loyola Press. Co-authored with Terry Brennan, of Notre Dame fame, the book explores Brennan’s time as both player and young coach for the Fighting Irish. All a bit before my time, I spent the first part of the pandemic in a historical dive of the times. And I had a good time writing it. I can send you a signed copy if you purchase one at the link above. Though I realize that’s a commitment you may not be ready for. 

I would love the chance to write another book. Today, I remain a writer, an editor, and a small press publisher. Sport Literate, the literary journal I founded as a graduate student at Columbia College Chicago, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2020. In that quarter century, we’ve published some 500 poets and writers and I’ve managed thousands of dollars in grant, donor, and subscriber money. Most importantly, I’ve kept a critically renowned journal in print in an increasingly online world.

Most of my professional writing, up until 2021 anyway, focused on higher education, often in the form of magazine features and online profiles. I’ve written about two Olympic gold medalists, three astronauts, and many accomplished faculty, students, and alumni from two of my alma maters. Working for the Purdue engineers, I provided the editorial lead on more than 40 different magazines. I’ve also written nearly 50 features for the Purdue Alumnus, including 13 cover stories.

In February 2021, I accepted a job with the Gratiot County Herald, a family-owned weekly newspaper in Ithaca, Michigan. Since then, I’ve been writing about 4,000 words a week (five or six articles) on a range of profiles and news throughout the county. From farmers markets through rural hospitals, I’ve learned firsthand the old adage about journalism being the best job you can do in the time allowed to do it. 

Writing is the craft I work at daily, tinkering with the building blocks of words in the creation of sentences, paragraphs, and full-blown stories. As a freelancer, I’d rather tell your story than help “build your brand.” I’m a writer and you’re not a cow. Drop me a line and let me know what’s on your mind.

William Meiners